Great CQ Links for Everyone

These links will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn about CQ.

Why You Need CQ (and How to Develop It) This article is from and gives some specific ideas about what you can do to develop CQ skills.

Common Purpose (dot) Org has a nice "Knowledge Hub" page. If you scroll toward the bottom, you will see a section that explains how students can acquire CQ skills. There is also a free quiz students can take.

The 12 Core Aspects of Cultural Competence There are 12 great tips in this article from Global Cognition (dot) org. You will need to scroll down a bit to find the 12 tips.

Did you know that watching TV can help you with your CQ skills? This blog post by Emily Livermore will explain how the film industry crosses cultures and how you can use entertainment to acquire CQ knowledge.

How to respond to low CQ, racist comments, and Facebook rants This blog post by David Livermore offers some great advice for all of us. Because this post is in the archives, you will need to scroll down to find it on the link. 

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